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Following a successful career with 3 Fortune 500 Companies, Dr. Sarah E. Brown recently retired as Managing Director at Accenture, where she managed Accenture’s Operations (formerly known as Business Process Outsourcing or BPO) for Retail clients in North America. She is focused now on:

• Speaking. Dr. Brown speaks on topics related to self-awareness, personal responsibility, and success habits that enable employees to be happy, successful, and experience less stress, while increasing ability to contribute to corporate goals. Sample talks include:

How Understanding Individuality Can Improve Team Performance

How Everyone Can Have or Be a Coach

How to Improve Retention Through Personalization

How Your Leadership Style Could be Killing Your Team

• Training. Dr. Brown conducts both public and corporate workshops in which individuals uncover their natural abilities and adopt success practices that increase happiness and success and focus on needed business outcomes.

• Writing. Dr. Brown has written the following books:

The Book of You® available at bookofyou.com. This is a series of personalized self-help books providing advice to individuals making life changing decisions. Each book is a uniquely personalized coach-in-a-book for the reader and focuses on a different life changing decision. (Examples include choosing a career, finding a volunteer role in the community, improving a close personal relationship, managing money, enhancing health and well-being.)

Let Your Personality Be Your Career Guide.

The Road to Success, co-written with Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul® fame.

For over three decades, Sarah E. Brown, Ph. D., has designed and implemented change management and talent management programs at scale for Fortune 500 companies in a wide range of industries: Communications and High Technology, Financial Services, Resources and Chemicals, and Retail. One of her training curricula is being taught in over 100 countries and in 15+ languages.