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How You Can Get Over Perfectionism with Jodi Flynn

How do you stay on top of things without depleting all your energy?

Thinking that things will fall apart if you are not around is all in your mind. Ditch perfection and learn to delegate. Trust your people, ask for support, set your boundaries and take time for yourself. You can take a break and then come back with full energy and focus on what matters most.

Jodi Flynn of Women Taking the Lead is an Executive Leadership Coach, Podcaster, Author, Speaker, and Workshop Facilitator for high achieving women who are recovering from their last big opportunity or getting ready for the next one. She is the host of the critically acclaimed Women Taking the Lead podcast, and an Amazon bestselling author with her book, Accomplished: How to Go from Dreaming to Doing. Jodi has spoken at the Massachusetts Conference for Women, The Maine Women’s Conference, and Podcast Movement. She is the President of the board for The Maine Women’s Conference and has been featured in Entrepreneur and Forbes Magazine.

In this episode, Jodi shares how challenging it is for her clients to delegate because tasks done by others don’t measure up to one’s standards. They ended up taking back the work and doing it all again by themselves. That would mean being pressed for time and energy; they can’t take a breather to even go on vacations. She also talks about how she helps them understand that the very challenge they encounter is because of the superb capabilities they have that they fail to channel into matters that need more of their focus.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn how to be in control of your business without exhausting all your time and energy

  • Find out why you need to do away with perfectionism and find value in delegation

  • Discover what taking time off for yourself can positively do to your business

If anyone skips over this step of taking a break to try to dive right into actively resolve the symptoms, you won't be able to solve the problem that's at the root of the symptoms. You may be able to address some of the symptoms, but new problems will crop up because the root problem is still there.
- Jodi Flynn

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Topics Covered:

01:20 - The challenge of perfectionism - what female leaders are having difficulty in dealing with that leads to symptoms of pushing oneself too hard.

02:01 - Stopping delegation of a task and taking back the work and eventually not taking a vacation for themselves is one mistake clients tell her stories with before they would consult her.

03:35 - One free and actionable tip you can do to help overcome the challenge of perfectionism: Give yourself some time to reset and then come back at your work with fresh eyes.

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05:46 - The number one question most clients ask her about and what she tells them to reassure and give them hope for them to take action on the matter.

Key Takeaways:

“The symptoms of perfectionism are pushing themselves too hard. And having a difficult time delegating, and as a result of that, they're feeling depleted, because they're working too much. And they don't feel good about themselves, because they can't meet their own standards of perfection. And nobody can meet those standards.” - Jodi Flynn

“You think you don't have the time and that things will fall apart if you're not there to stay on top of everything. But that's not true. If you set boundaries if you ask for support, and then take the time you need, like you will find solutions to the problems that you didn't have the energy and the focus to see before.” - Jodi Flynn

They [clients] will ask the question like, 'Am I the only one who has this problem?' 'Am I the only one who's experiencing this?' And I happily tell them, there are many, many other women just like you, and the tendencies that you have that cause your challenges are actually your superpowers. They just need to be harnessed. And when we have hope we're more likely to take action, and they feel hope when they know they're not alone.” - Jodi Flynn

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