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Overcoming a Negative Body Image with Argentina Leyva

Have you always believed that you are worth far more than your physical attributes?

Or are you just one of those plagued down by negativity about your own body image?  

Yes, society dictates what beauty is, but only when you allow it yourself.

Take it from Argentina Leyva,  an International Photographer and Founder of the Art of Seduction Boudoir.

For Argentina, it all clicked when she worked up the courage to step in front of the camera wearing nothing but black, lacey lingerie for her very first boudoir shoot. Leaving her engineering career behind, she's spent the last decade photographing over 3,000 women, capturing their self-acceptance liberations. Argentina's two boudoir studios in Austin, TX, and Chicago, IL and women's retreats hosted in exotic locations like Bali, Fiji, and Cozumel help women in their 40s, 50s and beyond, to feel confident, sexy and totally transformed. Her latest project is a book and collection of retreats, called Bolder Beyond 50. Through this project, Leyva will capture the stories and photos of women who are leaping into the best years of their lives.

In this episode, Argentina shares from her experience of photographing 3000 women and what she has learned about accepting and appreciating ourselves just as we are, regardless of size, skin color, height, weight, or anything else.   

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Discover about Argentina’s experience that tremendously redefined her concept of beauty and catapulted her self-confidence to new heights 

  • Learn about the mindset that will help you get past your insecurities about body image and highlight your strengths as a woman in more ways than one

  • Find out what Boudoir Photography is and how it helps boost a woman’s self-esteem at any age, at any time, and whatever size she is

“Confidence, feeling worthy and feeling good enough is so essential for any woman to achieve her dreams.”

- Argentina Leyva



Topics Covered:

01:45 - Getting into women's issue on  confidence and body image

07:03 -  Biggest mistake women make to boost their self-confidence before they seek out help

09:48 - One free actionable tip to overcome body image negativity

12:57 - One valuable free resource that can help you take action to overcome the challenge of negative body image

14:26 - Why boudoir photography session helps you in your career and life?

Key Takeaways: 

“The biggest fear that we have is that we're not going to like what we see, that we're going to look ridiculous. Another reason would be thinking that you had to do this for a husband or a boyfriend, and honestly, it has to be done for yourself.” - Argentina Leyva

“Our number one source of lack of confidence is the way we look. When you go after that and you do something that helps you feel good about your body, you stop defining yourself by your looks but define yourself by your achievements, and you define your worthiness on your own terms, and not let anyone else define who you are, then you become very powerful.”  - Argentina Leyva

“When you really work in knowing yourself, then you can start to make decisions out of the desire to become the best version of yourself. To do this, you have to go inside of you, to the darkest places and discover what is holding you back.” - Argentina Leyva

“Only the people that actually dare to go into the darkest places can actually start to see the light to come out of it.” - Argentina Leyva

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