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Welcome to the KTS Success Factor™ Podcast

Welcome to The KTS Success Factor Podcast for Women.

I'm your host, Sarah E. Brown, Ph. D.

Who this is for?

This is the podcast for senior female business leaders who want to increase their satisfaction and success at work and do it on their own terms without sacrificing their health, significant relationships or time freedom. 

The mission of the KTS Success Factor™ Podcast for Women is to bring proven ideas female business leaders can use to increase their ability to achieve big goals and become happy, successful, and understood at work. All this in 25 minutes or less.

Each episode will bring you experts who can address the challenges senior female business leaders face. Examples of challenges include:

  • communicating effectively, and being seen and heard when doing so

  • negotiating a new job promotion or pay

  • gaining clarity on your career direction

  • gaining access to capital both social and financial

  • dealing with difficult people

  • mustering self-confidence and overcoming negative body image

  • developing specific leadership skills,

  • balancing work and family obligations

  • or simply finding time for one's own health and well being. And there will be more...

All of these conversations are aimed toward your becoming more productive, less stressed, and more impactful. In short, the goal is for you to be happier and more successful at work, in key relationships, and frankly, just in life.

We have a tight 25-minute format that will allow you to gain insights into this challenge in the time it takes for your normal commute, during your morning run, or while having lunch on the go. 

And at the end, you will be armed with at least one action you can take the very day you listen to the podcast to address that specific challenge in your own life.

I plan to host at least two podcasts a month. So if this sounds good to you, then go to sarahebrown.com/podcast for written show notes and to learn more about my guests.

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