Sarah E. Brown is a highly sought-after professional speaker and trainer.  As a former Managing Director with Accenture, she has an in-depth knowledge of the key issues impacting career success and individual and team performance. 


Sarah's lifelong goal has been to educate and inspire others to be happy, successful, and understood in both their personal and professional lives.   A master presenter who combines humor and insight with practical advice, she has influenced thousands with her high energy content.

Sample Topics Include:  

  • How Understanding Individuality Can Improve Team Performance 

  •  How Everyone Can Have or Be a Coach

  • What Personalization Can Do to Improve Retention

  • How to Love Your Job So Much You Never Have to Work Another Day of Your Life

  • How Your Leadership Style Could be Killing Your Team (and what to do about it)


  • Let Your Personality Be Your Career Guide